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Rootine Vitamins is here to help you live your healthiest life possible. With DNA and blood tests to find active and potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and lifestyle questionnaires to help you determine your ideal supplement package, Rootine Vitamins is the most personal and effective way to get the nutrients you need. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best vitamins and minerals today with Rootine Vitamins!

Rootine vitamins are the best way to support your health and wellness. Their DNA-based testing and lifestyle questionnaire helps in understanding the required nutritional values in an individual’s body and then prepare a vitamin and mineral supplement that is perfectly tailored to that individual body’s needs. Plus, their packets are easy to use and designed to be taken anytime, anywhere. Created by nutrition experts, these personalized vitamin and mineral packets are invented to fill any gaps in your diet and keep you at your best health.

With a simple at-home test, you can find out exactly what your body needs and which supplements are right for you. Also, with a variety of options to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Now, get the most out of your health with Rootine Vitamins.

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What is Rootine? Rootine Review, Benefits, and Videos

“You are unique, your vitamins should be too.”

Rootine was founded by Rachel Sanders & Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer in 2018. The company is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Rootine vitamins are personal nutrition solutions that are designed to help you live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Their vitamins and supplements are created based on your DNA and blood tests that determine your active and potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Rootine offers DNA, vitamin, and mineral at-home tests straight from their store so that you can easily monitor your health and take steps towards a healthier you.

More about Rootine Vitamins:

Rootine provides a DNA and blood test for vitamins and minerals which users can take at home and then Rootine provides them with personalized blends based on user’s tests results. To begin with, customers need to fill out a questionnaire about their health habits, food habits and lifestyle which company will take into consideration while recommending and preparing the right supplements for them.

The DNA test assesses around 50 genetic variations relating to nutrition to determine how users body absorbs and metabolizes nutrients.

According to Rootine, DNA results impact the dosage recommendations for supplements. The vitamins blood test evaluates vitamin B9 (folate), B12, D, hsCRP, and homocysteine levels, whereas the minerals blood test measures magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium, cadmium, and mercury levels.

Rootine vitamins can add up to 19 nutrients, and as per test results and online questionnaire the dosages may vary. Customers will get customized daily packets which is in the form of microbeads.

How does Rootine work?

According to Rootine, their technology is based on 10 years of nutrigenetics research. They combine personal data to produce nutrient profiles for their clients. Rootine vitamin’s approach is to combine customized data to generate personalized nutrient profiles for their users.

  • Blood – It provided us with a personalized standard for dosage, meaning we needed to increase or decrease certain nutrients as precision nutrition is the goal. It is also possible to establish nutrient values using our blood nutrient levels.
  • DNA – The science of nutrigenetics is based on how genes affect the way our bodies process nutrients, such as how our bodies absorb, distribute, metabolize, and excrete them. Rootine DNA testing has analyzed over 50 of these variations to create a unique nutrient profile for us.
  • Lifestyle Factors – Rootine vitamins also conducts a 19-question survey to establish a baseline for each nutrient. It includes information like age, weight, gender, dietary preferences, etc. For example, a vegetarian or vegan diet might require higher amounts of B12 vitamins to compensate for potential B12 deficiencies.

So why wait? Get your Rootine vitamins today and start feeling your best!

How much does Rootine Vitamins Cost? Rootine Pricing

Following are the Rootine Vitamins prices:

  • Precision Daily Multivitamin for 3 months- $69/month
  • DNA Test @ $115
  • Blood Vitamin Test @ $115
  • Blood Mineral Test @ $125
  • DNA + Blood Test Bundle $207

What about Rootine Privacy & Data Security?

The company claims to protect user information through reasonable methods, including deleting samples after analysis and removing personal and genetic information within 30 days of account termination.

Any health recommendations by Rootine ?

Rootine Vitamins recommendations are based on the user’s DNA, blood, and lifestyle data. The company does not provide diet or lifestyle recommendations. Their Vitamin supplements are simply based on nutrition-related health parameters.

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